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To keep a journal is something that has been in and out in my life. But in 2017, I will make journalling a new habit.
As you might guess, I like to write and I have felt early that writing helps you release negative thoughts. But on top of that, keeping a journal is a good tool for reflection and self development. Indeed, journalling allows you to find words to express what happens in your head regarding your past and also your future.

  • Why a daily journal?


Detailing what you feel will help you let it go. The common women tendency is to overthink and keep a lot of feelings in their head. This usually comes back on the table during fights with your boyfriend for example, women tends to tell anything that happened but they never spoke about.


Keeping a record of what happens. It is good to write down what did you achieve, how did you feel and what are you grateful for. This will allows you to have a clear view of your evolution through weeks and months.


Setting intentions and plans. Another aspect of journalling can be to look forward and to write down what do you want to achieve in the future. I only did this exercise during a life coaching I took in June 2016 and I liked to think about my daily goals and what I want to focus on.


You and only you. Writing is my « me time » activity, I need to concentrate and look inside me. This is important for self development and self care.

  • How to do ?

Should I precise… You take a simple notebook and it will do the job. But there has been a lot of great new tools that will help you better if you need more guidance and inspiration :
*IIN Daily journal
From my coach @wholesomestef (highly recommended health coach- I will surely write a post on my experience of this coaching), I received the daily journal from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It contains a morning and night page with check list and sections to get straight to your goals.
*Five minute journal
“The Five Minute Journal is your secret weapon to focus on the good in your life, become more mindful, and live with intention.“ If you don’t know Mimi and Alex Ikonn, please check their YouTube channels. Then you might want to buy their products, they are such inspirational people! You can buy it here

There is a lot of planners that are preset for you to organize your day.

I personally prefer a simple agenda as the one I have from where I have a monthly overview and a week on 2 big pages for me to plan workouts, cooking, travel, me-time… The agendas are fun as you can see in the video below. You have stickers, fun statements, graphics are girly and trendy…I let you enjoy the clip.

Then I have always in my bag a little blue notebook to write all that flows in my mind (from feelings to shopping list, work related, ideas for dinner, music I liked…)

Your choice!

  • How often?

Every day… The aim is to write what feels good, or bad, what did happen in the day that passed and what do you want to work on for the day or the day after.

I love the quote « everyday is a new beginning» as it allows you to see everyday as a new start to work on your life and make it better for you and your family.

Maybe every day seems intimidating and I know it can be challenging. So start small, by planning your week on Sundays, getting a check up on Wednesdays maybeand increase slowly but surely. Nevertheless I am convinced that the daily habit will make a big difference how what I will be able to manage and achieve this year.

  • When?

Everyone is different, I have a busy morning with my little girl and my workout, so I prefer to write in the evening when the house is quiet and I can plug some music on and seat on my couch. So that I have all the time I need to write about my day, looking at what I liked, what I felt good or bad about. Then i will look into tomorrow’s priorities. As a side note, I like to do that for both personal and professional matters. It helps me be clear when I leave the office on what needs to be done the next day or the day ahead if I’ll do it in the morning.

  • What else?

Lately I did start to do something that relate to journalling if you do it in the morning is to set an intention for the day.
This comes from my yoga practice that I can only encourage you to try as I already mention in my post about yoga here. Yoga is an amazing tool that helped me to achieve so many things outside of asanas (yoga poses).
So, every morning I take 2 minutes after my workout usually when I stretch to set my intention for the day. It is usually to spread love as I believe it is the most powerful feeling to overcome any challenges that can occur during the day. Sometimes it is more specific as « to get out of my comfort zone » or «  be strong ». It can be any feeling that you want to feel this day.
The deal here is that you will act differently based on the way you want to feel.

I hope you will try this new habit too and get all the benefits out of it.

∞ em live love ∞

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