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Have you ever felt like you did not do much in the last weeks or months?

If I do not have a set goal for the day, for the week, or for the month, time flies and I keep going without even noticing what I am doing.
Setting up goals is important for your motivation and helping you getting where do you want to go.
Wishing to lose weight every 1st of January might not happen if you do not define how you will lose weight, which change in your food intake will you implement?
You have to make a plan to make your dreams become reality.

New year is a good excuse to set up ambitious goals for the year. Let’s plan together our goals for 2017?
I have had a coaching in 2016 and I discovered the importance to have goals at short, mid and long term.
It helps you break down the big idea into several steps so that you can review your progress easily and more often.

1. STEP 1 – What do you want to achieve?

You can start to look in each parts of your life and list your wishes. Put everything down in bullet points, what do you want, who do you like to look like, what are your priorities for this new year?
Get inspired, think of people that you admire… What do you want to feel in 2017? What would you like to start and/or to stop doing?
As an example, my priorities will be to test new things in all aspects :
* Parenting – be a loving mother in all situations
* Health – stop emotional eating
* Home – have a cosy and zen ambiance, minimalist and easy to live in
* Sport – establish a program to get fitter & improve my yoga practice
* Career – continue to grow and like what I do
* Relationships – spend qualitative time with my boyfriend, friends and family
Those are long term goals, very generic that might fade if you do not put concrete actions that will allow you to check and review where do you stand.

2. STEP 2 – In 3-6 months, what could help you manifest your dreams?

For me, at mid term, I have some ideas that will make me closer to my wishes :
* plan week ends with my best friends
* read 2 books of parenting
* establish a clear program of sport
* increase mindfulness (stop emotional eatings or so called cravings)

3. STEP 3 – Break it down in daily actions

What a perfect day would look like? Where are you and what are you doing?
Be SMART in your goals

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Actionable
  • Realistic
  • Time framed

Going back to my goals, I have some clear things that follow the above rules :
* drink more water – more than 1.5 liter a day
* stretch and meditate every day
* do inversions more often – 3 times a week 5 minutes only
* be more present in the moment especially when eating – prepare my plate for dinner or lunch (no refill), look at the clock, take a pause every 5 minutes to breathe.

4. STEP 4 – Keep in mind what you like

Your goals needs to be in line with your reality, with your environment, it needs to get you motivated to try and change what you have done so far.
A phrase I like from Melissa Ambrosini – I create my own reality; if I don’t like what I have created I can create again.
Therefore resolutions should be adaptable to what happens in your life and we jump in the next point.

Because not all goals are straight forward.

In my case I would like to create a more relaxing evening routine, and I will need to test various options. Let’s see if I can establish a mini meditation before dinner – which means my daughter will be part of..?? Or put it after when princess is asleep. In 2016, I had dinner at 7.30pm with my daughter and boyfriend when he was in town. As a result, I was rushing eating dinner to read stories to Emma for 8pm. Of course I need to change something there and see what feels good.

I hope this article will help you to establish your 2017 goals. But moreover to achieve them and become a better version of yourself.

∞ em live love ∞

Picture from Meiying Ng – Unsplash

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