A shift happens

A shift happens and I have added « every morning » to be provocative and push you to realize that is not so far from the truth.

Let’s take an example

Did you notice how beautiful is a sunrise? How something that happens every morning can be so powerful and yet we do not take the time to stop to look at it?

Every morning the sun shows up no matter what so the lesson for today is to show up consistently to life no matter what!

What this is about?

For the last months, I have pushed back on writing posts. Did you noticed? (Probably not..) Because I was searching for the perfect title, the subject that will bring more people to read my blog, I was unsure of the need to continue…

When you enter in the Blogging world, you start to see so many advice on how to write, how to structure your posts, how to promote your blog, what to write about, etcetera… With so much outside inputs, I have lost track of my blog purpose. And I have started to doubt, feeling overwhelmed with so many rules.

Writing should have been easy and entertaining, a pleasure (as it has always been).

I should have take more time to put down all that was happening in my life, all that I have read, learned, enjoyed, struggled…

Stop – I will not spend a paragraph on « I should have »

A shift happens

Today I make a promise to myself to post every week no matter what!

The shift happens following 2 small events :

1 – I bumped on an article in a Facebook group talking about blogging. You see the blogging effect there… So this article was appealing and for sure had a great title « Why you should not have a blog? ». Good catch when you are actually trying to find a reason to stop in a way. Even though I clearly felt that marketing was still strongly designing this post, reading it made me rethink of my blog purpose. It light me up as a starter does for a car. Link is here – let me know your feedback.

2 – Why I did not know Seth Godins?? Not that I like all that he published but still a big name in the blogging sphere. Anyway, Marie Forleo through her amazing youtube channel MarieTV (you must check it – lots of insights for entrepreneur mindset and creative work) interviewed him. There’s a lot of « nuggets of wisdom » as mentioned in the video

My key take aways :

  • This is the right moment, this is not about waiting for the right answer, because there is not, there is challenges to take on, the life is a carousel and all horses are pretty much the same
  • Does your work live a trace that you are proud of it? More is not the point.
  • You should bring ideas to people, even if it is not a new idea, what is important is to do what matters and serve the community
  • Blog is a trail of ideas you want to share and that might help someone else, the goal is not to have more readers/followers, but to have more trust.
  • You dont create trust with SEO and social media strategies.
  • Write like you talk and then you will always have something to say.

Those 2 events made me shift my point of view and reminded me the importance of authenticity in every thing you do.

Em live love rebirth

I have read a lot of books and i might give you some resume here in my blog, I like to comment on synchronicity or quotes I read and reflect on, I have so many to share with the world. But I also want to be able to show my blog to my daughter when she will be big enough. Because I would have loved to read my mother’s journal and know more about her.

My blog intent was clear but I lost track of it, willing to do it a certain way to look more professional.

I want my blog to be a source of joy for me and my readers and to share anything that I hope can help someone anywhere on earth.

Wholeheartedly, I will show up every day and give my rock for building a more loving world.

I hope you will like the next posts and am confident you will.


Nick Scheerbart

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