Body Image – Stop comparing

Body image is a big theme on social media. #beforeandafter pictures have great ratings and #transformationtuesday are highly shared and liked. We all like to see people slimmer and fitter, hoping we could do the same!

Let’s do a before&after

Inner change

You do not see any changes, but there is a big one. Not all changes are visible on pictures.

In the picture on the left, I am actually bigger from a few kilos. And there is a BIG BUT (I can do this joke now) I care about everything except my weight.

You may not achieve to change your body, human body is so complex. Hormones, genes, life is not the same for all. As a woman, you can have bloating issues, water retention, and only PMS changes your body even if you have the same diet and sport routine. Seasons, stress at work, relationships, so many factors influence your mind and body.

Why do you want to change?

You want to lose weight, you want to look fit, you want to have a bigger but or slimmer legs…I do not say you cannot change, we definitely can. Though I believe you will be much more happy if you focus on your feelings and goals in life than trying to get a different body.

In my case, the most important change is that I live my life with more love for myself and for others. I can go to meet a friend for dinner without thinking of what I should or could eat. I am not obsessed with food anymore and this is a big game changer. Fear is gone, love is my new mantra. And it feels so good!! But you cannot see this on the picture.

Can you think of how do you want to feel instead of how do you want to look?

Because you do not change, only your priorities do

You can care about being healthy and strong. You can choose to eat clean and work out often. You can choose to fast and do whatever you think will make you be amazing! But why are you doing it?

In the before&after pic, what you cannot see is that I am so much more confident and a so much more lovely person. Through my yoga practice I have gained core and back strengths, flexibility and a great posture. I move my body with ease, grace and freedom. Indeed, I listen to my body and I do my workouts and yoga because I care for my health and because it feels good.

If you care about your body, if you are not only looking to lose weight, this big shift in priorities will crack open your ability to change. This helps motivating and enjoying the process not only looking for results.

The secret of change

I do not say you should not try to change. I think you should look to be the best version of ourself. That’s my mantra. Though, you should look for what feels good and try things that enlighten our days.

Some days, I am still not where I would like to be. I am still working on some of my bad habits like emotional eating. When I get stressed or feel tired I still get myself over-eating, reacting as if food will help me feel better or thinking I deserve to have a treat. It takes time to reprogram your mind that food is not better than a walk or a good playlist when you need some comfort.

Focus on building the new It’s important to try new things. There is a lot you can do that will make you feel good. And that is not linked with food or looking good. Building new habits take time and you have to pause and write down a list of things that make you feel great. My greatitude challenge is a good starting point.

Changing takes time

You can succeed to change and accept your body. Bear in mind it is a long journey.

Personally, I have read many books, pushed me out of my comfort zone, tried different things… I wanted to change and I worked towards this goal. I have left all what I knew to be able to build a new me.

I love to write down and journal as you may know (post here). this is when you realize that the changes did not happen overnight. For months, I continued to be stuck with fear of not looking the way I pictured in my mind. I was so far from thinking of my feelings, my fear was closing the doors of life grace and happiness.

#stopcomparing I really hope that you, my reader, you will take care of yourself and start focusing on feeling good. Let’s use the #stopcomparing and share on social media the picture that showcases our most beautiful feeling.

∞ em live love ∞





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