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Ho Ho Ho !

December is here!! Christmas gifting season already started.
I have planned my daughter's gift list long time ago but for me, it is always complex and even more this season.
My wishlist would look like below (with potentially even more products!!!) but I have a secret list that is closer to my heart and worth 1000 times more than those articles.

  1. Pant from Yoga-tree, swiss based yoga shop - link here
  2. Book that I need to read as I am a big fan of the author Melissa Ambrosini, available in audio version - Amazon
  3. Yoga mat - Gaiam 
  4. Coloring book of mandalas, there is plenty on Amazon
  5. Subscription of the magazine Happinez  (french edition)

Secret wishlist :

  • spend good time with my family
  • a lot of nice memories through travels and experiences
  • be part of a community and help others
  • create and live a life that reflects my values
  • love and spread love

I will take my holiday time this year to take care of my daughter, play with her as much as i can, make big walks to chat with my love as we usually do at Christmas, share positive words and thoughts, rest and read, ...

And you?

∞ em live live ∞

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  1. What a joy to find someone else who thinks this way.

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