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If I tell you that :

I am working full time, mother of 1 child.

I work out 5/6 days a week since 2 years.

I eat clean, cooking with fresh products at 90% for all the family.

I also enjoy yoga that I practice twice a week.

—> you might think "How can she manage it all?"

Actually, not all the week are smooth and I still binge some evenings, lunch in front at my desk, envy some girls on Instagram, lose my temper with my daughter, and the list goes on. I am managing what I put on my priority list.

Don't forget that you only see a part of others life, a picture only reflect 1 second of the 24 hours of a day.

I would like to share with you how I have succeeded to get the habits on the above list and how to get more ticked on your wish list. This is what helps me and that I consider as Happiness rules:

***Write down your goal’s steps. What do you need to do to reach your goal?
You will reach your goals by breaking down the steps that you will need to take (but there will be fails, do not forget that)

***Take time, do not rush
When you will achieve your 1st step, you might want to skip the next to go quicker, if you have identified step 2, you need step 2, nobody started by running as a kid, we all start walking!

***The journey can be tough and long but it is sometimes as good as the destination
What does that mean? that when you will have reach your goal, you might need to still keep going with the new habits, and hopefully you will like it

Perfection is not a goal

You can make the best of your life but it will never be perfect because we are all different and

The sun is not always shining

Although the sun is still there, sometimes we cannot see it. Even though you will improved some of your weaknesses (anxiety, lack of confidence, overthinking, overeating…), you will still have some bad days. It will be less and less of the rollercoaster, but more and more of down times throughout your days.

***When there is no enemy inside, no enemy outside can hurt you
The gain in confidence is key to succeed as you will believe in you to achieve your goals and that’s key.

***Not all goals can be reached at the same time
I have reached some of my goals but not all and it is the way it is supposed to be. I try to prioritize what will make me feel good at the end of the day.

I am doing my best to be the best version of myself and I will support you in achieving your goals.

Let me know in which field you would you like me to help you in the comments below.

∞ em live love ∞

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  1. Most help articles on the web are inaccurate. Not this!

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