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Moving from gratitude to greatitude this month! I have discovered many tools to fight against negativity and bad thoughts (already touch base on this here). 

Where this is coming from?

I really clicked on the Self love menu concept from Mastering your mean girl from Melissa Ambrosini. The idea is to list things that you like to do in order to use them when your inner critic is starting to pop up. 

In the Happiness Project from Gretchen Rubin, there is a chapter where she works on gratitude and it somehow similar. Be grateful for what you already have is a buddhist concept that is powerful. You have to focus on what you have and not what you are missing. Thinking of what you are grateful for will attract more positive in your life than complaining about what you should do or could have done. I mean there is a lot that you can do to feel good and happy about yourself but the difficulties are to start and to be consistent.

So to inspire you,, I am leading an Instagram challenge this month to show you what make me to feel great. This #greatitude challenge is here to support you to look at your life and find what makes you feel good?!


Everyday in April I will post on my instagram account @em_livelove one thing that I do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to be the best version of myself.

  1. Nature
  2. Music - Spotify is great to discover new music and I like to just search through my moods (workout, be happy waking up, get to sleep…)
  3. Yoga (you know about it)
  4. Feet cream
  5. Cappuccino - I am addicted to the soy milk mousse from my work cafeteria
  6. Chai tea - Yogi Tea Black Chai is my favorite
  7. Finding a healthy recipe - soon n new post about my favorites bloggers and inspiration!
  8. Color with my girl on the evenings just to chill and spend good time with her
  9. Sunbath - Taking some Vitamine D!
  10. Read a good book - I have so many Self development books still on my bucket list… I love learning new things
  11. Coaching - I really enjoy to boost people and make them see their potential as well as getting them to the next level
  12. Smell of litchi-strawberry oil - this product is so sexy
  13. Pinterest - inspiring for so many topics of my life: redecorating a room, finding outfits inspiration, quotes…
  14. Head massage - I have experienced such an amazing time in Les Cinq mondes Spa, I still dream about it
  15. Heels - Women empowering tool
  16. Sunset 
  17. Sunrise 
  18. Cooking 
  19. Tidying up - Minimalism is my goal, but I am not there yet!
  20. Find green alternatives - I am so happy when I can swap to products that respect our planet and much more as I explained here
  21. Reading to my daughter
  22. Writing - journalling and now blogging!
  23. Brunch - Because this is a moment where I chill with family and friends
  24. Vegan option in a restaurant - If you did not know I am vegan as I explained in this post
  25. Coconut oil - the smell and the so many use from the kitchen to the bathroom
  26. Sweet potatoes - in fries at the oven, in puree with cinnamon or in cubes in a curry. love love love!
  27. Best friend time
  28. Yoga pants - being a yogi makes you fall in love with the comfort of those leggings, I could wear yoga pants all day long!
  29. Make list - you might have guessed based on this long list

And you? What makes you feel great? Use the #greatitudechallenge and make your own list and realize how amazing your life is already.

∞ em live love ∞

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