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Have you heard about the Zero Waste project? Did you spot the Vegan trend in food and fashion? Are your cosmetics ecological and organic? I feel that 2016 is all about being conscious of our impact on the environment and this is great, yet complex to implement… We all have been introduced to the organics food and know some beauty brands that are respecting the planet, not testing on animals and using natural products. Being conscious of our impact on the environment is important, yet it is challenging to change our habits and be green 100%.

I will share in this green post series my approach to a more sustainable way of life and all the products, concepts, brands, books that helped me to use less toxic products for our body and our planet.

Here a selection of some brands and blogs around fashion :

  • Zady is a fashion brand that made me aware of a sad reality : the « apparel industry is one of the biggest violators of both the environment and human rights ». Thank you to Maxine on her great ted talk. Now I can barely enter in H&M…
  • I was desperate to find trendy styles that promote ethics and ecology, Sustainably chic has great content  Natalie presents the products from Fashion to Beauty and I was released to see so much trendy products exists in the green world too. « Buying sustainably can be difficult because of limited information, but this blog makes it simple » 
  • The French version is Happy New Green , when I discovered this blog and was amazed about all the research Manon had done to provide us where to buy fashion in a sustainable and ethical way. Her Best of collection helps me to know more and more brands to shop green fashion in Europe and specifically in France.
  • $$$ Yes it is high price and I never get to buy something from Stella Mccartney so far.  But I wanted to mention that there is some big names in fashion that promote green from their office to their clothes. Stella Mccartney is the world’s first and only vegetarian luxury brand and promote actively sustainability. I did not look at this brand as such but since I learned about their values, I really put them high in my fashion brand ranking.
  • The Good trade is the place I love to go and learn about all the brands, products, blogs, initiatives to have a more conscious lifestyle, take a look at the post about « Conscious Living 101: 5 Books & 5 Documentaries That Will Open Your Eyes To The « Why » Behind Conscious Living » 

This is only a handful of what is out there and I will continue to share the « pepite » I find in my journey to respect our earth and taking care of the next generations.

Next week I will talk about my vegan journey, interested? Let me know in the comments below!

∞ em live love ∞

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