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Organic, ecologic, ethical, sustainable… New food habits, are you vegan?

Today I will speak about the food and my new way of eating.

What about being Vegan?

I have started to reduce meat at the end of 2015. I was not really a meat lover but more and more I could not eat any kind of meat/fish. Then I took out all animal products when I discovered the China study (link to the book) and all the studies showing the impacts of animal products on our health.
I was a big yogurt fan and it has been tough at the beginning to stop or find replacement (without only going for soy products). For the rest, I did not try to find substitutes for the animal products as those options were usually high in fats or sugar. So I looked for things that I liked that contained protein. Almonds are my go-to, so easy to add anytime and anywhere.
Becoming vegan was easy for me as I am a big fan of fruits and veggies, any kind!

Just to mention, I do not impose this to my daughter. She is eating at school what she wants to eat and at home what I cook which is without animal products.
Also, I am not 100% vegan, I want my life to be easy. When I am traveling, sometimes preparation contains milk or eggs and if I do not have other option, I will have it.

Cooking with Organic/Local Food

We started to buy more organic vegetables and fruits when my daughter is born in 2012. Hanging out in organic shop I always was attracted by new products. From my marketing background, I am an easy buyer - which is not really compatible with the «buy less » I have to admit. I have added more quinoa, more legumes, different kind of nuts etc... I get used to the new taste of some organic products and started to like it. Malted yeast is now one of my favorite toppings. Just one example is organic almonds, they are so much tasty.
Here in Switzerland, you can go to the farm, we have one nearby home. And even it is not all organic, I contribute to maintaining their fields giving fruits and vegetables. Much better to have a field of apple trees than big buildings in your neighborhood.

Less packaging in the kitchen

Going green means for me to avoid products that have many wrapping, cardboards, and plastic. I am very in the buying in « vrac » as I love to put everything in transparent containers, I find it so much beautiful in my kitchen.
Few weeks ago, I have seen reusable bags for when you are grocery shopping. Since then I bring back the brown bags I use to take my fruits and veggies.
My sparkling water maker is such a release for my recycle bins!!! So convenient and actually I like to choose if I want light bubbles or big bubbles…
I like to find the products that have more than one use to cook, clean, … Coconut oil can be used for so many things, check

Meal prep

I am usually cooking for 2/3 meals at once, (mainly alone during the week with my daughter, she does not eat as much veggie as I would like) with a steamer or the oven, roasted veggies is the best way to make little princess any vegetable. For her fries are good even if it is in fact sweet potatoes, carrots or butternut. Then I cook quinoa, rice, pasta or lentils. I love to prep different sides and mix and match as explained here.

Go for Home-made products

I like to cook, I realized it is a good relaxing activity, I like simple recipes with few ingredients. So I make soups and purees for the little one, chili and crockpot recipes as well as cakes, breads and desserts.
Last month, I have discovered how to make oat and almond milk, and it is actually super easy. On top, I am happy to do it to reduce my waste, can’t stand more bottles in my recycle bins. If you want the easiest (but not the cheapest) you buy a Chufamix, a cheap way is to filter through a light fabric (like here). For almond/nut milk, you just need to soak the nuts/grains the night before you will blend it. With oatmeal you only need 4 hours soaking. You can make oat bars or cookies with the okara (blended oats/almonds that are left from the milk), it feels good to bake cookies to my daughter for her snacks.
I have looked for an easy yogurt recipe and still find all difficult, too many ingredients and tools needed...


What is Healthy food?

My goal is to eat what is good for my body, my health and what makes me feel and look good. Keeping the balance of micronutrients and macronutrients on a daily basis is also important and weekly basis when travelling. Keen on nutrition, I have read a lot of books about diets, food, from different cultures. My struggle is to be present when I am eating, I am an emotional eater and that is my main problem with food. Because even if your food is healthy, it does not mean you can eat more of it…

Would you like some recipes : lunch, dinner, breakfast or a complete « what I eat in a day» video? Let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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