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As mentioned in my Instagram feed @em_livelove, I give you a snapshot of my morning routine.

~ Wake up with my daughter the early bird
~ Breakfast

For my daughter, it will be « tartine » or cereals with rice milk. For me it will be a detox drink with lemon and water or green tea, usually the green tea from Yogi tea.

~ Make bed and open windows

Pretty straight forward 🙂

~ Journal/Daily goals

In the week this step is usually done at night right before bed, but the week end I love to look ahead and set up some goals for the day. Big rocks like : grocery shopping, meal prep, important calls or emails. Nothing extraordinary.

So I give you my EMLIVELOVE – Planner 2017 that it can help you support this great routine of journalling (full article here) I have change the usual wording to focus on what feels good and increase self love!

~ Get clothes on

I have 2 or 3 outfits depending on what I will do, here below

~ Work out : yoga, bike or fitness session
  • Yoga – link of Favorites
  • Bike – 45 minutes with 10 minutes high speed
  • Fitness Session – 30 minutes of Glutes and Abs focus with interval timer usually on for 45sec/10sec rest
~ 5-10′ stretch/meditation

Then I pick a music and hop on the mat, after yoga, I will stay not long on savanna but take time to seat cross legged and focus on my breathe with a meditation from Deepak Chopra or relaxation music.

My daughter is usually playing during my work out as I stay home.

~ Shower&Dressing

As I am not a make up girl and rarely blow dry my hair, this step is really basic. In terms of outfit, I try to prep the day before or at least think about it during my shower to leave on time.

~ Get ready to leave

This is the step that usually can get me late, I prep 2 Green Tea Thermos bottles, a fruit and water for the commute but Princess is in the middle and I get easily caught up onto her requests (snack, toys, hairband, shoes&coat…)

And you? What is your morning routine?

∞ em live love ∞

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