Stop being scared love you

Choose love over Fear. Melissa Ambrosini

Is there anything you are afraid of?

I have always been an anxious person, I remember the days where I could repeat to my boyfriend « I am scared, can you understand, I am scared about everything? » I was mainly scared to choose, to take an option and to regret, I did not trust in my gut, did not live in the present moment, I was in between the past and the future. The moment I had decided, I was thinking « shit I should have done this or that ».

I was not confident, I did not believe in myself, in my strengths. Have you ever only see the 1/2 empty glass, often comparing myself to others, hardly judging yourself, … this was me 100%.

Do you want to change?

If you want to shut up the inner critic and move from fear town, you are on the good path. Now you need to do it in a positive way, looking at your own capacities and start comparing yourself with yourself only. I learned this with time and below tools.

I have been able to get out of anxiety thanks to several actions :


Reading books is so important, you get another perspective, you get to reflect more. It also slow down your thinking process, you integrate new facts and usually it helps you to try new things. You can read self development books, but also any books about something you like : biographies, hobbies, sports, history, art,…To read helped me exploring new areas, being more social, more open.


It will appear as a tool on so many areas of your life, it helped me deepen my awareness to my thoughts and limiting beliefs. I slowly accepted more not to do anything and just be aware of my breathe and body. I took back the control of my mind, I could see the feared thoughts coming and let them go away. I have been more aware of my body, my position seated and also able to find ways to rebalance the flow of energy. Yoga will help you having better posture, breathing, pausing your mind more often.

More on my Yoga Journey here.


Accepting to be worthy, believing that your decision is the one that you make at that moment. There is no good or bad choice. Authorize you to be a student of life that will make mistakes and fall several times but that’s part of our life. You don’t expect a baby to walk without falling, do you?

Remember this little child you were and love him/her, cuddle yourself as you need. You are the one you need to love, before anyone else can love you. I have been loved before I even truly love myself. And I know now that my relationships suffered from my inability to love myself.

Enjoy the journey of self discovery

Trust me, the journey was not smooth and straight. I have made baby steps, being stopped at different stages by too many thoughts.

So let’s make a 1st step today and be proud of you, look in the mirror and smile!

This is a quick introduction to self love and how to fulfill yourself.

My blog is a place for you to read more on different ways to find happiness from inside out.

∞ em live love ∞

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