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Before setting up your daily journalling, as explained in my previous post, I wanted to talk about motivation.
How can you get motivated to get up and work towards your dream life? Motivation comes from within.
Only YOU can make you wake up in the morning. What gives people motivation and more?
If my goal is to get up early to meditate, work out, have a healthy breakfast, shine and rise for the rest of the day. Not every morning I feel the energy for it.
Life is not always easy, social media shows lovely pictures and beautiful landscape, but we are not always in the sunshine bathing or enjoying luxurious treats.

So how can we find motivation to get closer to what we wish for?

Make a Motivation board

I am sure you know Pinterest and use it. When I discovered Pinterest I was so happy to have a place where I could save all that I find interesting on the web.

But what was the best is to create boards with visuals that inspire me. So I created a Motivation board in Pinterest for me.
Then, I did one for my work team at a time when things where tough and I thought we needed to have inspirational quotes to keep going, I printed them and put them in a pinboard. Not all my coworkers rely on quotes but once in a while I send one of those quotes to reiterate some key messages as the definition of a Team —insert image.

And finally I created a Visual Mood board where I gathered all the images and quotes. You can find it here. The aim was to see everyday images of things I would like to happen as I have read ….
Now, I use it know to find pictures and quotes that get me motivated. As an example, I found one quote on parenting that lift my day and weeks. Reading it everyday reminds me my role of parent and I can focus on what is important instead of letting outside circumstances dictate my action and relationship with my daughter.

Step by Step

  1. Think

    What do you want to see happening this year?  It can be on all areas of your life. Make a list.

  2. Search

    Did you like a home decoration? Is there a place you would like to visit? Is there a quote you want to remember? Maybe a quote that puts your mood up? Someone you like and needs to be part of the board?
    If you have already a Pinterest account, it would be easy for you to look through the pictures you liked and saved. If you do not use Pinterest, I recommend you just flip through my Board here to find inspiration.
    Also, some people write down some specific goals in their motivation boards, some people put pictures of their body dream, … I prefer to detail what can help me to have what I would like. And if it is a leaner body maybe you should find a picture of a healthy lunch or an activity you will do that will help you to get that fit silhouette.
    The most important I think the importance is that any picture on your board makes you feel good and resonate to your best version of yourself.

  3. Build

    Find a board and a place. It is important that you will see it everyday. You need to be happy about where it is and it should give you good energy. I find a metallic board in Ikea that is perfect, I can put it in my bedroom every morning when putting my perfume.

  4. Edit

    Print every picture with the same size if possible. Of course if you want an online board, you can play with Photobook and create a virtual board. I personally love to rework my visual mood board through my pinterest because I feel good to look forward quotes that help me keep going.

And you what gets you motivated on a daily basis?

I hope you will make your own version of my visual mood board and get all the benefits out of it.

∞ em live love ∞

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