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When my daughter is sick, I need to stay home.
My family is 8 hours drive from my house, I have nobody close by to keep her, no housewife friends (all my friends from Geneva are working as I do 100%) and my husband is traveling during the week or usually cannot take a day off (Finance markets are always to track, no downtime).


*I am staying home despite my work to-do-list that is usually full.
*I might skip my workout as the sickness usually starts during the night. Then Little princess and I are in the same bed or pretty tired. I do not mention that it would mean 2 short nights that kills my workout efficiency anyway.


A sick child is even more demanding and as a mother you usually gets more culpability not to take care of him 100%. All parents would know that a child is contagious and that you have to keep him home even though he is pretty well, therefore your kid is more incline to play all day than to sleep and this is when the blame can happen.


  • WITH LAPTOP — I can work but I never succeed to do 1/2 of what I was supposed to during the day.
  • WITHOUT LAPTOP — I will pass many phone calls but only to close colleagues as my daughter will anyway be part of the conversation! She can’t stand I am speaking to anyone but her. I will try to answer some emails on my blackberry, because when I am off everything seems to be pretty urgent.


If you have to send this message that your child is sick, you will feel bad. Why? It is still difficult because not well received by many companies and bosses.

You might also feel disappointed, you had something planned for the day but that you have to stay home to look after your baby. You will also feel vulnerable if you are the only mother in your work group… Do not react on the « Again, your kid is sick?? »


  1. TV – I could let her in front of the TV or tablet but I would feel so guilty to do so, I am really against having a kid and letting her by her own. I decided to have a child to take care of her and if I cannot, I consider I fail in my role of parent. After all, I realized that she will not be spoiled if I let her see a full movie and that it might help me and her having a great day.
  2. WORKAHOLIC I am someone that likes to be busy, active, making things, … and I love my job. Being out of the office is a real challenge for me. I have always struggled to be on holidays without something to do, de-connecting from work is not easy, even after my daughter birth, I did everything to be able to stay late and work without looking at the clock. Some would say I am a workaholic and control-freak. I slowly moved to a less controlled life and focus on enjoying every moment at home.
  3. PERFECTIONIST Indeed, I like to do all my job tasks on time, to have time to review the outcome and to master the processes. Yes, I like to establish processes, calendars, lists, I am an organized person and it is difficult when things are not following a plan, my plan. I work on accepting things as they arrived, I try not be annoyed when life become chaotic, messy, noisy, child friendly usually…


  1. Time is precious — Nobody will give you back the time with your kids, nothing will replace the hours spent with your beloved ones. I am reading some books on positive parenting and I wish I have read them earlier.
  2. Work is work — Work and career are definitely important and we have to keep our professionalism, being clear on what’s need to be done during your time out of the office, taking care of the follow up and catching up afterwards as much as possible.
  3. Positive parenting — I know it can be difficult but spend time playing with our kids is part of the education, you really interact with him during those play games. You can understand how he sees the world. Playing dolls with Little princess is my time to see what she has learned from her environment, here and at the daycare. So much revealing than all the talks I could have with her.

Send your message without fear. Life is a rollercoaster, you will be up the next day in your boss mind, be present to your baby, enjoy the cuddling, spend those moments with love to you and to him.

I will share more of parenting articles, if you are interested I link you down below a great article from Elena Brower that I absolutely love so much I can relate to what she says :

Have a wonderful week with your beloved!

∞ em live love ∞

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  1. Thanks for sharing your advice. It is difficult trying to be the best wife & mother, and also trying to stay professional with your job and loyal to your business. All you can do is take it one day at a time and one moment at a time really. The time with your child is precious, so I agree ~ when you’re with your child ~ be as present as possible, and when you’re wrapped in work, be present there too. It’s difficult not having anyone close to you for support (I feel the same way), but you’re right ~ all you can really do is do your best ~ no matter which role you’re in. Sending you well wishes as you journey through motherhood & life.

    Renee B.

  2. Surprisingly well-written and informative for a free online article.

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