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I have told you my yoga love in this post, now I want to share with you my Yoga favorites channels on You Tube. There is so many kind of yoga and each channel I have selected is not only about yoga.

Indeed, Yoga is not only posture and flows. It is personal practice where you should learn more according to me. Below channels mix up the yoga practice with different goals, mind or body driven.

  • Yoga by Adriene

My absolute favorite and I am not the only one with 2M subscribers, this channel is a big community. The mantra is Find what feels good and I have learned a lot from it.

The good vibes of Adriene make a good start or end of the day, she gives a lot of advice that you can take off the mat as she says.

  • What kind of yoga?

Vinyasa flow, mainly.

  • What I like?

Adriene approach is definitely one of a kind, she focuses on the sensations and I like it for this reason.

I succeeded to slow down and focus on my breathe with her videos. Also, the 30 days challenge Yoga Camp or Revolution 31 days of yoga helped me be more consistent in my practice with short videos to do daily during 1 month. I learned a lot about my body and without noticing become more flexible.

  • Not for you if

You need a intense session where you move and sweat.

  • Best session

This is hard as I enjoyed each and every one, but of course I can say I am regularly doing this one. 40 minutes with good level but with beginner variations.

I also very like this one when I want to work on my abs.

And this one for releasing tension in my body on the evening.

  • Five Parks Yoga

This channel is good for more advanced yogis. IErin is very good to tell you when to breathe and I like the scene that is not always the same. Do you want a session in Costa Rica or in Colorado?

  • What kind of yoga?

Power yoga, Vinyasa, Yin and Deep stretch.

  • What I like?

I found the deep stretch and the Power yoga challenging and this is what I like. Clear description helps you pick the video you would like for the day. There is plenty of choice in terms of video length but also on body parts you want to focus on.

  • Not for you if

I would not recommend for beginners but Erin started some Gentle Yoga videos that seems perfect for the new comers.

  • Best session

The Power Yoga 45 minute : I love it and can redo it so many time, perfect for strengthening your sun salutation practice and all your body muscles!

  • Yoga by candace

I started yoga with some of her videos, I like her story and this shows how yoga is a powerful tool. She has some good vinyasa flows and lately is doing more « fitness » style videos.

  • What kind of yoga?

Vinyasa mostly but also targeted by body part and mood. You can find a nice session for PMS.

  • What I like?

This channel needed to be on my yoga favorites as I have started with it. I like the short videos when you start it is definitely what you look for and the clear description of the aim of the session. Candace has more to offer as an individual and I am sure you will be amazed by her story too.

  • Not for you if

No, I think Candace target everyone : beginners but some of her videos are also for more advanced.

  • Best session

This video have been one of the first of my yoga practice!

And you what’s your yoga favorites channel?

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