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“When a woman becomes her own best friend, life is easier”

Diane Von Furstenberg

em live love

We often try to balance our life and we try to be this incredible woman, this super girlfriend, this perfect mother, and so many other things.

Sometimes one feels overwhelmed by the challenges of life, caught in fear and negative thoughts.

How to stop negative thinking? How to be fit and a good mother? How to dress well and eco-friendly?

I share with you inspiration for more well-being everyday, my passion for yoga and my favorites sustainable fashion brands.


Articles to make happiness a priority in your life.


Live in harmony with your values, find your way to more happiness. We talk about personal development, motivation and self-confidence.

Yoga Coppet

Sharing passion for this philosophy of life: inspiration, meditation and practice.

Individual lessons, in a small group, for you and / or your children

Chaise vêtements

Eco-fashion brands, organic clothing, ethical and eco-friendly concepts.



Through my own experience, I would like to show you how life is really incredible.

My name is Emilie, I am 36 years old, mother of a little princess who is growing up too fast, in love for over 12 years and soon married.

I worked for more than 10 years in the fashion sector, I converted to well-being with yoga and I live near Geneva, Switzerland.

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