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Pratice yoga at Coppet

Emilie offers yoga in Coppet and surroundings, which is for everyone, adults with individual lessons and children from 3 to 12 years old with group classes.

“Wellness” yoga invites you to connect to your body, strengthen it and relax it. You will overcome stress and find the balance between tone and flexibility, strength and softness. Classes are a mix of Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, always with music focusing your attention on sensations. Whether for adults or children, it is a complete yoga that you will be taught with the use of breathing techniques, postures and meditation.

At Coppet, in an individual class and in order to best meet your needs, Emilie will compose a personalized program to bring you well-being that will follow you well outside the yoga mat.

Complete classes around 3 areas:

  • Muscle strengthening and alignment

Yoga has an action on the body and on the mind that brings you strength and flexibility. The practice of static and moving positions gives you more mobility and will strengthen your deep muscles. Yoga helps improve posture and eliminates accumulated tension. Each position requires an alignment of our body and we become aware of every part of it. From the top of the skull to our bottom toes, we discover through yoga that our body is complex and interconnected machine. 

  • Moving with sensations

Yoga requires awareness of oneself and one’s body. Each movement will be made with an intention to make the link between what we live from outside to what is happening inside. The goal will be to feel the breath come in and out of our lungs, to feel our feet anchored in the mat, to feel the prana, the energy that runs through us at every moment… Being attentive to one’s body makes the practice profound and transformative.

  • Soothe your mind by breathing

Yoga is a way of life that brings together several paths, one of them being Pranayama, the control of breathing. Our breath is a gift and a tool that we do not acknowledge the potential, it helps us to overcome difficult moments and gives us the ability to be alive. In practice, it is essential to accompany with a conscious breathing our body in poses and our mind in meditation.

Yoga for children

Yoga is an activity that will help them calm down, center and listen. They will discover their breathing and the different parts of their body to be able to practice poses. Relaxation will help them learn to relax.

Yoga will be first and foremost a game, the practice is always done in a circle with respect for each other and without any competitiveness.

The classes are adapted according to the age, before 3 years old, it will be in family, from 4 to 7 years old, one will tell many stories with distant countries and animals that they like so much. Finally beyond 8 years old, we will practice positions with their favorite playlist.

Emilie is a mother of a 6 year old girl and will adapt to the group to make yoga practice a moment of joy, sweetness and mutual aid.

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Emilie Deme

Emilie journey

After 10 years working in fashion in Paris and Geneva, Emilie reconverted as a passionate yoga teacher. She discovers yoga as a young mother, she must resume the sport smoothly so this is the opportunity. She practices a lot at home so she can take care of her daughter and quickly realizes that yoga helps her feel better every day. Slowing down the pace was not easy at first, as she was used to the cardio sessions of the gyms. But the results are there, his body has never been so muscular and his mind so serene.

In addition to her personal practice, she is enriched by the culture of yoga and reading about personal development. Yoga is the “tool” that has helped her to become a better woman in her particular role as a mother.

She chose to become a teacher to enable everyone to turn stress into strength. Through her professional career, she knows the stress of managing a family, professional, personal agenda, travel, children and social life … The philosophy of yoga becomes her “lifestyle”, she finds her mission of life by integrating the precepts of the 5 ways of yoga: Karma, Bhakti, Hatha, Jnani and Raja. Emilie is inspired by teachers like Elena Brower and Adriene Louise and remains open to discover all styles of yoga because they are all complementary and always bring us something according to our way of life.

She believes that balance can be found in all of us through yoga. Acting in consciousness is a daily job in our active and busy lives, but the well-being that comes with returning to the carpet remains the key.

Established in Coppet since 2012, Emilie wants to offer yoga in the town to help spread the benefits of yoga without having to go to Geneva or even Nyon. She invites you to discover what she calls “wellness yoga” to transform your stress into strength and find balance in everyday life.

Yoga Alliance Formations

2018 – Adultes 200h – IndivYoga

2018 – Enfants – Swiss Pilates & Yoga

2019-2020 – Adultes 300h – Swiss Pilates & Yoga

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