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Eco-Friendly Child Mode

Eco-responsible clothes for kids, why?

Did you know that the skin is the second most sensitive organ of the human body, the one with the most absorption capacity after the intestines? Ah!

That changes everything, doesn’t it? And even more so for our children!

As soon as baby is born, you pay attention to what you eat if you are breastfeeding and if you do not breastfeed, you will look for the milk and the bottle that will not hurt the baby belly… Then, we buy the soap that will give him a soft skin, we protect him from all the external aggressions so that he can fall asleep peacefully, we cover him well so that he doesn’t catch a cold, we carefully choose everything that surrounds him. But what about his clothes?

Indeed the skin absorbs the chemicals that we put on as the intestine does it with the food. Since most of the classic garments are made up of synthetic materials dyed with chemicals, it is understandable that an ecological approach is essential for the choice of clothing for babies and children. In addition, an eco-responsible fashion is a global approach to preserve nature and the environment.

Selection for our Toddlers


The ecological BONPOINT, a romantic and CHIC STYLE.

When Marlene decides to leave her job, there was no prediction that she would launch her clothing brand. A project a little crazy! But as she moved to Switzerland with her husband and their three children, she began to think about setting up a brand. With the support of her husband who believed in her skills, she decided to go for it. Its objective is to offer eco-conscious outfits at an affordable price. She developped a wide range for baby, some sheets and bathrobes, night clothes but also clothes for the bigger ones. She adds a lot of details in the collars with edgings in liberty or some contrast colors for the boys. These collections are chic and classic.

LOOK baby girl very chic This body 100% organic cotton with a lovely floral collar Pierrot! Price: €26 on the left photo of organic cotton and a chic and romantic spirit for this long sleeve top in soft liberty print. Price: €39

A Swiss brand

The collections are drawn in Switzerland and the production is mainly made in Portugal. Follow them @Bajibom!


Gabin is a kid who conjugates both masculine and feminine. Respectful of his neighbor and his environment, this little explorer evolves in a universe rich in stories and adventures. A bit of playfulness and a large dose of curiosity animate it constantly. Gabin likes to be comfortable in his clothes, he likes colors like the ochres, the different tones of green and the prints that remind him of nature, his favorite playground. Criterias that matter:

  • Eco-Responsible
  • Made in France
  • Artisanal & Collaborative Manufacturing
  • Limited series


Here is a coat of organic cotton chambray color and a jogger in organic cotton with padding in mustard color. Price: €56 for the top and €48 for trousers


A lightweight denim skirt to be able to play and ride on the horse! Price: €61


A color dyed with organic henna for this velvet romper Price: €60


My Favorite Summer

I discover more and more German ecological brands and concepts. This brand is a great example. Far from the stereotypes, the summer collection of LIILU is handmade in Germany, simple and pure. The fabrics are made of organic cotton, the lightness of a muslin and the softness of pastel tones have conquered me and I have bought some pieces for my daughter, I will show you all this on social networks. Top Zoe-€45 Short-€35 trousers Lou-€45 Blouse Louise-€50 Tank top-€40 skirt-€45 There are more and more brands that offer eco-responsible children’s collections.

The brands for kids

“Green” brands grow and we have more and more choices. So I made you a selection of brands I know.

I specify that it is important to check the labels GOTS as example when we talk about ecological mode. The English word “Organic” often translates into ecological but just means “natural” so you have to be careful and look for recognized labels. The labels take into account the fabrics, but also their origin, the method of manufacture, the treatments for dyeing, the working conditions etc… Trust the reference labels and find out more.

Copyright image @stellamccartney

I did not mention Stella McCartney but the collections are respectful of nature, people and animals. The prices are not so expensive and the child collection is fun, colorful. I’m a big fan of their campaign with the ice creams for this summer.

You will also find brands like BOBO things, powder ORGANIC, EMILIE and IDA on the website Centre Commercial for Kids.


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