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Be green – Why and where to start?

Be green – Why and where to start?


Why did I decide to eat vegan and avoid buying non organic food? When did I stop entering from Zara, H&M and fast fashion in general? What pushed me to look for sustainable and ecological options in all arenas of my life?


Because books and movies made me aware of realities I cannot ignore :

  1. We damage our planet every day as alerted in Leonardo DiCaprio movie « Before the flood » http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/before-the-flood/

    Before the flood was a sign.

  2. What we eat is key for health. The book The China Study has been a starting point to show me the animal protein impact on our health. Then more nutrition articles and books made me realize that my food choices are important to live healthier and longer.

    Another article here : http://nutritionfacts.org/video/methionine-restriction-as-a-life-extension-strategy/

    Changing my diet is part of my green movement.

  3. Companies are leading the world with not always the best behaviors (ecological&ethical) : Monsanto video and True Cost (trailer here ) are valuable documentaries to make us aware of what is going on.

    I was destroyed after seeing where we were going and feeling so armless…

  4. There is solutions! Tomorrow french film about alternatives and movements from all over the world will inspire you. Indeed, seeing those people taking initiatives give you a great pulse to do something yourself.

    But there is various ways to reverse the path of global decline!

When you start digging into what is happening you can get scared and overwhelmed. The reality overcomes movies and you might just turn off the TV.

I could have decided not to dig and go from the fact that I have no role to play in this tragedy. But we all have a role, as small as it can be. Start small and make the right choice, think the long term.

Not everybody can choose, but there is so much to do that I am sure you will find one thing you can improve in your daily routine that will help the environment get better.

Let’s go green!!

Here some simple examples for a green start :

* Buy less
* Read the labels
* Buy local
* Choose organic
* Recycle
* Eat less or no meat/dairy

  • Buying less

    This is not easy I might admit but just be mindful of what you buy. Actually buying less push you to think of what are your buying and why. Could you wait one day and see if you still need it?

  • Read the labels

    This is applicable for food and anything. When you buy, ask you if there is a better option with less packaging, with less chemicals, etc…? Where does it come from?

  • Buy Local

    « If you buy from an independent store, you are supporting someone dreams » a good way to remind you that buying is more than you imagine. We need to pay more attention where we are buying from, looking for the mission and vision of the store. For example, I am happy to go to the local bakery to support the family that own this business. I know that my money will allow them to continue to be there.

  • Choose organic products

    It is better than not, let’s put it this way. They use less pesticides and have a long term vision for the land they work with. Buying organic is part of the way you protect the planet. And, this is applicable for home furniture, clothes, paper and more. You can find new brands with ecological/organic products and be part of their project by becoming one of their customers.

  • Recycle

    I was happy when they did a class about recycling at my daughter’s preschool. The teacher was surprised and could see the kids that already did it at home. My daughter pretty much lead the lesson helping proudly the teacher. She showed what could be recycled and how to do. I will not make the lesson here. We all know our duties, we just have to get organize about it.

  • Eat less or no meat/dairy

    As you may already know from this post about food and my vegan diet, I let you have your own opinion about it. But there has been an other study that is pretty clear about the impact of animal protein (one of the article about it)

I encourage you to see/read one of the above pieces of information and hope you enter in the green movement.

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