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Mimi Ikonn-Woman, Mom, Entrepreneur…

Have you ever met someone who changed your mind? Do you have a friend who guides you through your choices? When things go wrong, do you have a person who helps you pass this moment?

My gurus

There are people who have inspired me a lot and still inspire me today. I do not know them personally, they are not my relatives and yet they have a special place in my life. Indeed, I bring a lot of importance to personal development, I like to learn about subjects that I like fashion, yoga but also learn to know me better and to feel better. I would like to introduce you to my “gurus” hoping that you too will be inspired and that you can learn from them. These women (few men are on my list at the moment) have helped me to pass through peaks in my life with their speeches, their actions and their examples. I start this series of articles with a woman: Mimi ikonn.

Hello My Beautiful Friends

Mimi always starts these videos by this “Hello my beautiful Friends” with a smile and a positive energy. Good vibes guaranteed!

What I can tell you about her

A native of Baku, Azerbaijan, she lived for a long time in Toronto, Canada. She founded in 2010 her brand of hair extensions Luxy hair with her sister Leyla (and her husband Alex) because she did not find extensions quality clipper at an affordable price for her wedding. Luxy hair is a reference in hairdressing on Youtube with more than 3 million subscribers. I recently bought Luxy Hair extensions and I find the quality really good and if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know it! Her husband Alex Ikonn is an entrepreneur like her, he is at the head of the start up Intelligent Change that publishes the famous “Five Minute Journal”. Mimi is the co-founder of this company. They travelled extensively in Europe especially in Italy and Greece and they settled in London in 2015. If you’re curious, you’ll know why here! Since October 2016, she is the happy mother of a little Alexa. In addition to her brand, Mimi has a YouTube channel where she shares her looks and favorite products.

Her book “The Bingo Theory”

Mimi Ikonn also wrote a book on male-female relationships. Starting from the observation that the traditional vision of male and female energy is without nuance ie if you are a woman, you are considered with feminine traits, and even if you are a man, you are considered with masculine traits. It is evident that this outdated and inadequate theory has led to a huge imbalance both from a personal and professional point of view between man and woman. Mimi offers a new vision and a new understanding of male and female energies and explains the important role these two energies play in our lives.

I’ve been Mimi for over 2 years, I’ve discovered it via her Youtube channel and her videos are always a source of motivation for me.

Drawing inspiration from Mimi

Be well surrounded

Through different videos or vlogs, I noticed that Mimi surrounds herself with “benevolent” people or simply people who support her, starting with her husband, her family but also a nanny or professionals for her projects. It has not always been easy for me to accept help, especially for personal projects like the blog or trainings I want to do. To fulfill your dreams, you have to call on  loved ones and ask for support. Being supported is essential and it can be in different forms: love, attention, a helping hand, a phone call to talk, or time for oneself.

Feeling supported also helps to boost your self-confidence.

Be grateful

Mimi often talks about it and I think it’s important to recognize the opportunities we have every day. In the videos with her daughter, we can see how she respects every moment she shares with her. It is important to enjoy and appreciate these moments so simple and yet so precious with the people we love. In her travels too, we feel that she takes the time to discover each place by marveling as a child who opens a gift. Being thankful is not just quoting every day why we are happy, being grateful is enjoying every moment we have the chance to live on Earth.

Be Beautiful

Mimi did a beauty training where she learned how to improve your image, highlighting what the right colors for you for example. By seeing her always well-made (without too much) and always choosing the outfits that fits her make me pay more attention to these details. So, do you know the colors that suits you? She made a video on this theme if you’re interested. It seems so simple but we do not always realize that we sometimes follow more tendencies than what is good for us. To be beautiful is to pay attention to oneself, to love and feel good in your body. When you start a day by feeling pretty, it has a big impact on the rest of the day.

I put a video below where she talks about self-confidence and what helped her accept and love each other unconditionally.

Mimi Ikonn-YouTube channel

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