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Yoga is usually associated with meditation and flexibility…If you never did any kind of yoga, you might have those ideas about it.

Yoga exists in so many versions, Yoga is more than a sport, more than stretching or meditation, yoga has changed my life.

My journey into Yoga

It popped up in my Instagram feed, people showing amazing asanas poses like the dancer pose. Have you ever seen Amanda Bisk pics @amandabisk ??

Who does not want to be able to do this? Those yoga girls are just so fit, I decided to try it !

Ok, I did not start for the good reasons at all.

I did push back to do yoga, thinking it will not make me sweat and get leaner. Too focused in the outcome, I only relied on fitness and cardio. I finally started in 2015.

Ok I should have tried before. 

As I need to practice at home, I will explain why in a future post, I searched in You Tube some classes that could teach me balancing poses and make me exercise too. Still looking for sweating practice…

I’ve done many “Yoga by Candace” videos and get to love the challenge on my core and I was eager to learn more about yoga. I recommend her channel but also check on her story.

Finally I get hooked by the positive effect of yoga

I have bought some books : Tara stiles « Make your own rules », Rachel Brathen « Yoga Girl ». I recommend both, I loved Yoga Girl story and still follow her on instagram, she is an amazing human being.

I did a live session right before for the winter solstice, it was amazing to see how deeper was my practice and how the 3 hours passed so quickly. I also discovered the spirituality aspect, the connection between the practice, the breathe and the mind.

Then, looking for other yoga teachers I found Adriene Louise, of course the yoga for weight loss challenge speak to me.. and by chance, she was starting a Yoga boot camp, I jumped into and accepted to slow down my practice.

Finally, I understood Yoga

I was letting go, super concentrated on my breathe and every move I needed to do. The session was clearing my mind from anything happening.

Yoga benefits

  • Clear your mind
  • Discover your body
  • Decrease your stress level
  • Strengthen your body
  • Improve your posture

Be mindful of anything : breathing, eating, moving, listening…

Those benefits I have experienced in a short time period, I only started to have a consistent practice (twice a week) in February 2016.

If you want to have more insights on the effects of the yoga in your daily routine, there is a nice you tube video where teacher explains why they are yogis.

Why We Breathe. A Yoga Documentary.

Yoga exists in so many versions, Yoga is more than a sport, more than stretching or meditation, yoga has changed my life.

I hope you will try and find your Yoga.

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